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Racestar Pro Forged 17/16 Big Tire

Racestar Pro Forged 17/16 Big Tire

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Wheel Set 1/25-1/24 Scale:

One-piece Front Rims: 17x4.5, Two-piece Rear Rims 16x16

Tires:  Goodyear Front Runners , Goodyear Slicks 33x16-16

Brakes: Strange Slotted Rotors and Calipers (availability may depend on seller)

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Cults3D File Set -  Upload Date: 09/02/2022


3D printed resin parts may come unfinished and require modification to the kit or part to achieve proper fitment. The backsides of printed parts typically have imperfections such as tiny nibs or divots where the support structures were attached during printing. These are easily sanded smooth.

Since printed parts can be supplied by a variety of vendors, please exercise due diligence when choosing who to purchase from. Z-Force Modelworx does not regulate or make any guarantees toward the quality of service or products from authorized sellers. Verify sizes and scale with the vendor of your choice before purchasing.


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